mav·er·ick street con·sult·ing (n)

1:1 executive coaching & consulting services for first time leaders, leaders who are in first time environments, and leaders who feel, clearly, for the first time, that where they are is not where they want to be. 

Founded in 2022, Maverick St. Consulting is a culmination of reinvention, learning, and a leap of faith. 

Maverick St. Consulting 

yes. THE maverick. you'll likely see him pop into one of our calls. he believes in wandering where his heart takes him, stopping to smell every flower, that a good game of fetch can heal the soul, and that everyone he meets is an instant friend.

ask him about: car rides
don't ask him about: bath time 



libby's work is based on the firm belief that we are all independent thinkers, positive deviants, who may need a little nudge to reignite the maverick within. she believes that leaders have choices- to go along with what they think they have to do and be to succeed, or, shed what they've been conditioned to believe and discover the way they're meant to lead. 

ask her about: what she's cooking 
don't ask her about: maverick's bathtime